About the band

With their debut album "Make Me Try" the band manages to make a convincing statement. Stone Water do not renounce their roots, they build upon it. They draw from the same well of American roots music that inspired the Rolling Stones, Black Crowes and Tom Petty, finding hidden depths within it, shaping tradition according to their own view to make it sound fresh. They serve up loads of soul infused rock with southern accents and a filthy London breeze.

Stone Water are poised for bringing their music on stage and they yearn to do it now! Thanks a lot and see ya later somewhere on the road.


It all started back in 2021 - after initial frustration about a canceled tour due to Covid-19 pandemic, Robert spent the time to start working on his own album. He did songwriting, wrote lyrics, arranged and rearranged various parts and riffs including some songs that he has written years ago but never released before. It was like painting a picture - every day more and more different ideas and snippets grew up to entire songs.

“I've dreamed about making this album for years. I can't remember ever being so productive and creative for months - and with such an ease. I worked day after day - from morning until late at night - I was in the right mood and the music came to me - I just let it roll and that felt great to me!“ (Robert)

After a few weeks of songwriting, the time was right to ask the guys, whether they would like to join him for the recording session. He asked Bob Beeman, a great singer Robert met a few years ago and always had in his mind for the album. And he asked Artjom on bass and Hanser on drums - his two pals he knew from another band. All three agreed!

“With Artjom and Hanser I got my dream rhythm section - we toured together, spent a lot of time on the road and quickly became friends. And I love Bob's strong and soulful singing. For me, his voice is on the same level as my favorite singers. I really wanted to do the album with these guys - there was no plan B.“(Robert)

Several months passed before they went to the studio. During this time, Robert, Artjom and Hanser met two or three times to rehearse and try things out. And also Bob got involved right away and wrote lyrics for two songs, “Scarecrow“ and “Make Me Try“. From the first moment it was a great collaboration and everyone felt that it harmonized.


The album recordings took place at Schalltona Studio in Hamburg. They already knew Hannes and his studio from several recording sessions with other bands before. Schalltona is a well-equipped studio with a vintage vibe and perfect recording rooms.

The first two days the guys just spent with working with the sound and some tunes, making everyone feeling comfortable and growing together as a band. Meanwhile, Hannes took care of the miking and everything else. The aim was to get a sound that fits into 2022 and thereby retaining a warm and organic sound from the late sixties.

“When we first heard the sound in the control room, everybody was blown away. That's exactly what we wanted! Working with Hannes was pure fun. He exactly knew and understood what kind of sound we wanted. He did it with the same passion as the band.“ (Robert)

“When we started recording the first tune, it all went fast and most of the album was done in just a few days. There was an energy and intensity around us - something special was happening, and it was fun to be a part of it. And I wanted it to continue!“ (Bob)

Sometimes the band was surrounded by some great fellow musicians. Especially Miriam Thomas joined on backing vocals and Julian Bergerhoff provided piano. What was originally planned as an album only, turned to a collaboration beyond the recordings: Stone Water.

The album kicks off with "Stony Rock“ a raw barroom rocker, and ends up with "If You Get Lost“ a ballad that cuts deeply to the bone and touches emotionally. In between there is a lot of versatility - sometimes with a Crazy Horse or Little Feat squall and the next moment with a floating Tom Petty groove that leads into a Stones style chorus. The jam parts which suggest the live potential of the group and the catchy hooks whet the appetite to see Stone Water in concert.