With their debut album "Make Me Try" the band manages to make a convincing statement. Stone Water do not renounce their roots, they build upon it. They draw from the same well of American roots music that inspired the Rolling Stones, Black Crowes and Tom Petty, finding hidden depths within it, shaping tradition according to their own view to make it sound fresh. They serve up loads of soul infused rock with southern accents and a filthy London breeze.

Album Release "Make Me Try"

Stone Water recorded their debut album "Make Me Try" at Schalltona Studio in Hamburg. It´s analog mastered by Martin Meinschäfer at Megaphon Tonstudios and will be released in  2023.


The album kicks off with "Stony Rock“ a raw barroom rocker, and ends up with “If You Get Lost“ a ballad that cuts deeply to the bone and touches emotionally. In between there is a lot of versatility - sometimes with a Crazy Horse or Little Feat squall and the next moment with a floating Tom Petty groove that leads into a Stones style chorus. The jam parts which suggest the live potential of the group and the catchy hooks whet the appetite to see Stone Water in concert.


About the band

It all started back in 2021 - after initial frustration about a canceled tour due to Covid-19 pandemic, Robert spent the time to start working on his own album... read more



Check out some shots from the studio and from the road.... here


On the road

We are currently working on the release of our debut album. As soon as this is done, we will start with concerts. We can't wait to get started and bring our music to the stage. So - see ya soon somewhere on the road.


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